Management Summary for Hospital Management

Management dashboards significantly improve and simplify healthcare management reporting and analysis with customizable dashboard reports for each management head in a healthcare organization. Dashboards are highly focused and effective, saves time and money.

Dashboard reports facilitate to continuously track all healthcare management Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), business metrics, data analysis, trends… using simple user-friendly tools. Web based dashboards can be accessed from anywhere thus providing information on demand.


Used in Healthcare Organization

Following are some of the important business metrics that if continuously monitored using management dashboards, will help in efficient health care management.

  • Corporate level metrics, Hospital level metrics, Department level metrics, Physician level metrics, Front-line staff metrics
  • Report cards metrics integration.
  • Progress and improvements indicators.
  • Individual and team performance trends, benchmarks, and targets
  • Service quality metrics
  • Patient safety metrics
  • Financial metrics

Management summary for Hospital Management

  • Patient demographics
  • Center performance metrics
  • Activity distribution per case type
  • Patient length of stay and service metrics
  • Average payment, Billing, and AR metrics
  • Volume per type of service (ex: outpatient vs. inpatient care)
  • Patient category metrics
  • Number of hospitalized patients
  • Number of specialist visits
  • Number of re-admissions
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