Blood Bank Management

  • Donor Registration
  • Blood Collection
  • Blood Bag Testing (Transfusion Transmitted Diseases and Red Cell Serology)
  • Blood Bag Components Breaking/Extraction
  • Blood Bag Components Clubbing
  • Sample Cross Matching
  • Blood Bag Reservation
  • Blood Bag Un reservation
  • Blood Bag Issue (Out and In Patients)
  • Blood bag Discard
  • Blood Stock and Expiry Alerts
  • Blood Bag Requisition (In and Out Patient)

Linen & Laundry Management

  • Proper schedules for cleaning different areas of hospital.
  • Staff appointment for specific housekeeping activities.
  • Stores department integration for maintenance of required stock.
  • Scheduling changing of linen through the use of in-patient department.
  • Count maintenance of incoming and outgoing laundry items.
  • Maintenance of scheduling activities for the equipment’s cleaning.
  • Provision of quality indicators for assurance of cleanliness.
  • Real time updates of cleaning orders from different departments.

House Keeping Management

  • Facilitates scheduling of various housekeeping tasks in all areas of the hospital including wards, outpatient department, operation theatre etc
  • Generation of housekeeping checklist
  • Allocation of housekeeping tasks to individuals
  • Recording of the completion of the housekeeping tasks
  • Tracking and reporting of activities that are pending

Dietary Management

  • For each day, based on the bed occupancy and the type of meal scheduled, a list of items to be prepared will be generated to be handed over to the hospital kitchen
  • Provision to categorize food item into groups for ease of recommendation
  • The calorie count as well as the nutritional information of all food items can be captured
  • Facility to capture recipes of food items and proportionate quantities of the ingredients used to prepare a meal
  • Dietician can create day wise meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner individually and schedule the same for any period from the application
  • Highly customizable meal plan. The dieticians can modify meal plans as required and schedule the same for subsequent days

Ambulance Management

  • Critical and normal care ambulance services.
  • Ambulances and vehicles scheduling.
  • Driver duty roster.
  • Accompanying doctor’s duty roster.
  • Tariff management.
  • Daily running statistics of ambulances.
  • Vehicles scheduling maintenance.
  • Emergency facilities management in ambulance.
  • Communication facilities within ambulance.

General Maintenance Management

  • Preventive maintenance scheduling and creating Checklist for tasks to be done during the same
  • Viewing breakdown status and analysis by reason as on any date
  • Tracking of machines under warranty
  • Machine Breakdown slip
  • List of machines under breakdown and analysis of machine down time
  • Predefine Maintenance Check List


  • It records daily instruments, linen etc. which is received by different departments for the sterilization.
  • Instrument classification and linen etc. which is based on sterilization technique type.
  • Various items locations in CSSD.
  • Items tagging with sterilization date.
  • Receipt requirements from wards and Operation Theater.
  • Equipment scheduling maintenance for sterilization.
  • Quality of sterilization is monitored continuously.
  • CSSD module in our software helps users to have the inventory information of items that need to be sterilized, in the form of packs/sets or individual quantity, by keeping track of such items received/issued to departments like OT, Lab, ICU,Emergency and Ward in a hospital

Bio Medical Waste Management

  • Waste types categorization.
  • Waste generation tracking.
  • Scheduling and identification of waste collection.
  • Tracking and recording of waste transportation.
  • Waste disposal acknowledgement.
  • Time disposal of waste scheduling.
  • Radioactive management of waste disposal.
  • Color codes differentiation of various waste types.

BI dashboards & MIS Reports

  • The outputs will provide inferences that enable decision makers to make the right choice
  • Numerous criteria and parameters can be configured to generate statistical reports
  • Multiple criteria in different combinations will be available for a little more in-depth data mining
  • Drill down option will be available for the generated output that will further enable excavating further details
  • The breadth of the engine will include clinical, demographic, administrative as well as business information
  • Ad-hoc queries and reports
  • Trend analysis for historical data

Document Management system

  • Hierarchy organization with folders and file plans.
  • Track and store images of paper documents, work with Electronic Documents, Scanned Images, Audio, Video, Images, PDF files, all kinds of word processor files, and spread sheets in their native format.
  • Full-text Indexing.
  • Records Storage, Records Retention & Records Destruction.
  • Document Imaging, Scanning & OCR System integration.
  • Document Storage & Archiving.
  • Folder and Document Security.
  • Integrated with Patient Electronic Data.
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