Patient Management (OP and IP)

Outpatient Management


  • Schedules daily appointment list of patients
  • Ability to book multi-unit appointments
  • Displays the total information of patients
  • Appointment can be booked for consulting doctor, laboratory or radiology modality
  • Configurable slot selection per appointment.
  • Cancellation and edition facility
  • SMS and email alert on appointment booking.
  • Telephonic/Mobile Apps Appointments
  • SMS for reminder on configured time.


  • Comprehensive demographic details with multiple patient credentials
  • Patient categorization more flexible and also enable quicker access to default registration information
  • Patient card printing with barcode and photo
  • Sponsorship Details
  • Capture Patient’s Demographic details with photograph
  • Capture details on Patient dependents
  • Case sheet printing with header as patient info
  • Configurable visit booking and billing on same screen
  • Auto billing for registration, consultation and follow up services
  • Doctor roster mapping and availability
  • Emergency and MLC details capture

Inpatient Management

  • Bed Management (Admission, Discharge, Transfer)
  • Registration and admission under multiple doctors
  • Graphical view for admitted patient
  • Graphical ward view option
  • Auto bed charges addition
  • New born admission with mother linking
  • Billing rate changes during hi/low class transfers
  • Discharge advise and confirmation
  • Bed allocation, transfer and release
  • Census and Non census beds
  • Patient class wise bed allocation

Emergency Patient Management

  • Emergency workflow and patient tracking
  • Minimum patient details with time in/out
  • Separate emergency number and queue management
  • Enable emergency registration of patients by capturing key registration details
  • Facility to capture details about condition of patient during arrival and mode of arrival
  • Record and view the various activities performed by the nurse (capture of vitals, administration of medication, progress notes etc.)
  • Move patient from emergency area into wards (inpatient)
  • Clinical details (EMR) capture with CPOE
  • MLC details with alerts

Nursing Management

  • V list of Patients of that ward station.
  • Transfer List of Patients of that ward
  • Discharge List of Patients of that ward
  • Non Scheduled OT List of Patients of that ward
  • Scheduled OT List of Patients of that ward
  • General Booking for a Patient
  • Request any item from Store
  • Check the current stock in this Nursing Station
  • Monitor Vitals of the Patients of that ward station
  • Medication Orders of the Patients of that ward station
  • Monitor Sample Collection Orders of the Patients of that ward station

Electronic Medical Record (Clinical Data Management)

  • Patient Search with Various Search Strings
  • Patient Demographic Viewing
  • Previous Visit Details
  • Medical History of the Patient
  • Billing Details of Patient
  • Case Sheet Information (Clinical Findings, Diagnosis ICD-10, Local Examination, Developmental History, Birth History, Immunization History, Family History, Past History, Drugs and Allergies, Vaccinations, Advise, Notes)
  • Template Creation Facility for Case Sheet Information Details like Clinical findings and History Details per Department/ Specialization
  • Prescription/ Medication Advise with Template Creation Facility and Digital Prescription Pen Interface, Pharmacy Stock Interactions for Availability, Drug-Drug Interactions, Drug-Dose Interaction, Drug-Clinical Findings Interaction, Drug-Diagnosis Interaction, Doctor Favourite Drugs

Billing Management (Self/Insurance/Corporate)

  • Advance Collection (Patient and Corporate).
  • Bill Generation (Patient, Insurance, TPA and Corporate)
  • Bill Settlements (Patient, Insurance, TPA and Corporate)
  • Concessions/ Discounts
  • Refunds (Against Advance and Bill)
  • Advance collection
  • Direct receipt
  • Invoice management
  • Adjustments before closing the invoice
  • Automatic prompting of cancellation of services if not availed
  • Automatic prompts for receipts or refunds for any Balance due to/from the patient

Pathology Management (Laboratory)

  • Doctor Request View
  • Sample Collection (Blood, Urine, Sputum etc.)
  • Work Order Generation (With or without Bill)
  • Work Order Status Tracking
  • Investigations Result Entry Authorization
  • Report Delivery to Patients
  • Inventory Management (Reagents and Kits) and Auto Stock Consumption after Result Entry)
  • Category Configuration (Bio-Chemistry, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Haematology, Cytology, Serology, Microbiology etc.)
  • Test Configuration (Creation and Edition with Template creation facility, Embedded word Processor for Template Creation, Hierarchical Test Patterns)

Inventory Management (Stores and Pharmacy)

  • Indents (from Store and Wards)
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods/Material Receipt Note (GRN/MRN)
  • Goods/Material Receipt Note Rejection and Return (GRN/MRN Return)
  • Goods Issue to Department/Wards
  • Goods Return from Department/Wards
  • Counter Sale
  • Material Factorization/Merging of Items or Batches
  • Alerts for Current Stock, Minimum/Maximum Stock, Reorder Levels and Expiry
  • Stock Maintenance for Consignment/Charity Items
  • Tax, Freight Configuration

Radiology Management

  • Efficient utilization of resources- Duty roster for radiologist and equipment
  • Statistical reports provided like:
  • Investigation details
  • Tests/Investigations performed by each technician/radiologist for selected date range
  • Tests/Investigations performed by each technician/radiologist for selected date range
  • Doctor wise tests/investigations prescribed
  • Details of tests completed, aborted, cancelled, or Pending
  • Customizable result templates
  • Results entry made simpler with efficient PDF format Reports
  • Easy retrieval of patient data at any phase of a radiology request

Doctor Management

  • List of appointments booked for the current day or any future day
  • List of outpatients most recently seen by the physician
  • List of inpatients admitted in the hospital under the care of the physician
  • List of pending surgeries scheduled for the physician
  • Patient history as a drill down from each of the above list
  • Drill down to reports/charts for each episode
  • Alerts/reminders to the doctor
  • Results of ordered laboratory/radiology tests
  • Physician recordings under the - (CPOE, LHR, and Care plan)

Operation Theatre Management

  • O.T. Reservation for a scheduled surgery.
  • Maintains theatre stock control and has ability to order stocks and supplies from main stores.
  • Processes maintenance requests.
  • Provides daily theatre schedule in order for wards to get real-time information.
  • Provides daily theatre schedule in order for wards to get real-time information.
  • Helps to access reports such as theatre occupancy and utilization.
  • Team of Doctors/ Assistants involved in the operation.
  • Consent Forms.
  • Single or Multiple Doctor/Assistants revenue sharing.
  • Consultant Instructions in O.T.
  • Bill Charges Posting (Surgery and Package Surgeries)
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