~Great leaders don’t tell you what to do; they show you how it’s done~

~A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way~

No matter at what level an employee joins an organization, climbing the organizational ladder and someday being part of the leadership team is everyone’s secret dream.

Leaders play a crucial role across all lines of business in an organization; yet, the transition path is often paved with hurdles. For years, organizations have been spending unimaginable amounts of money on nurturing new leaders; according to a McKinsey report, companies spend almost $14 billion annually on honing the skills of leaders, but with little fruition.

While moving up the ladder, it is essential people have what it takes to don the leadership role, and that’s where leadership development programs come handy. Not only do they offer a clear pathway to employees for taking up leadership roles, but they also help existing leaders hone their skills.

Leadership Development at HATI International

At HATI International, we look at leadership development as a means to develop a better attitude, and better skills to achieve better business results. We constantly drive efforts in recognizing the leadership needs of our organization and work our way up so that everyone – from leaders to employees – is aligned with the company goals, and what it is trying to achieve. Here’s how we approach leadership development at HATI International:

  • We hire for attitude and aptitude and not only skills: Although skills are important, it is the attitude and aptitude that really matter. While technical skills are easy to evaluate, whether employees are motivated to learn new skills, think innovatively, cope with failure, assimilate feedback, and collaborate with teammates makes all the difference. At HATI International, we make sure we hire candidates for their attitude and aptitude, and not just for their skills. This not only helps us have people from diverse backgrounds but also enables us to have a workforce that is empowered and motivated to reach individual, departmental and organizational goals faster. Of course, whenever and wherever needed, we do hire experts with skills.
  • We focus on developing a leadership mindset: For us, leadership development is not just about selecting a handful of skills and making employees undergo rigorous training to acquire those skills. Since leadership is more a way of thinking and acting, we empower employees to become leaders. For this reason, we focus on developing a leadership mindset across the organization, that includes being responsible, accountable, and empowered to do what it takes to reach goals. We make elements of the leadership mindset an integral part of our organization’s value and culture, and celebrate and reward people who regularly display leadership capabilities.
  • We believe in investing in people: The belief that it is the processes, and tools, and strategies that drive businesses to the pinnacle of success, is only half true. The people and what they bring to the organization is what draws the line between success and failure. At HATI International, we believe not just in hiring people with the skills and aptitude needed for the job, but also in investing in them so they are empowered, motivated, and satisfied with their jobs, and with career progression within the organization. Many of our existing top-level people have been with us since long, and that proves how seriously we take our people, and how happy we keep them.
  • We make sure everyone is aligned with the company vision: That the connections between strategy, goals, and vision are indispensable to an organization’s sustained performance is known to all. What many don’t know is how important aligning people with these connections is. At HATI International, we make sure each of our employees is aligned with the company vision: of providing technology solutions that make hospitals more effective, highly efficient, and cost-optimized. It is through such alignment that we are able to achieve benefits, not just in terms of implementation of our vision, but also in terms of retention rates, transfer of learning back to the organization, and innovation through empowerment.
  • We encourage learning across the organization: A company’s ability to innovate, improve, and learn ties directly to the company’s value. Learning can provide the advantage a business needs to prosper when others have failed; in addition, aligning the needs of the workforce with the needs of the company can help encourage a positive and supportive work environment. Since learning in the workplace is beneficial both to the people and the organization, we, at HATI International, believe in keeping our employees up-to-date on their training who in turn keep the business competitive and productive. It is when our employees feel valuable that they can truly add value to the business.
  • We celebrate failures: Many organizations look at failure as the end of their existence. We, at HATI International, however, look at failures as a means to an end: for us, failures are just lessons on the path to success. It is through failure that we discover our shortcomings, and drive efforts in overcoming them. We enable our employees to take risks, so that they can think out of the box. And since risk-taking comes with a fair share of failure, we constantly invest in developing systems, behaviors, and structures to incentivize, encourage, and make room for error.
  • We respect individualism: Every individual in the organization brings with him/her a unique set of skills and capabilities. At HATI International, we promote individual potential and strengths through personalized development programs. We give our employees the freedom to explore new ways of completing their tasks; everyone gets a chance to voice individual opinions, and we promote open discussions and debate. We enable people with different skillsets to hone their skills and take into consideration the different personalities, so together, we can achieve our goals.

Leadership for Success

Irrespective of the size or the industry, organizations have many reasons to develop the leadership potential of their employees. Since having a strong, responsible, and empowered staff can mean improved performance and business results, at HATI International, we make sure leadership development is dealt with in an appropriate manner.

We believe in hiring for attitude and aptitude, developing a leadership mindset, investing in people, making sure everyone is aligned with the company’s vision, encouraging learning across the organization, celebrating failures, and respecting individualism. It is through these practices that we have been able to meet the needs of our customers while enjoying continued success in the healthcare industry.